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Monday, November 1, 2010

Reasons I Love My Son

Pickle, this is you 1 day after you were born resting in your Daddy's lap.

1. Pickle, you inspired me to write this post tonight by combing my hair and saying it was beautiful (or boo- tiful in your words). You also told me I was pretty and cute. It should be known that my hair looks like I just styled it for a Bride of Frankenstein remake and I haven't showered today. I don't think I look pretty, cute, or boo-tiful, but I do feel amazing, thanks to you.

2.You're letting me breathe a sigh of relief tonight by finally eating vegetables and a protein (at least for today). Tonight you ate half a cucumber, 2 carrots, and a bowl full of homemade baked beans. You refused to eat the ham in the beans, but hey, I'll take two out of three. I've been wondering if it was possible for a toddler to choose to be a vegetarian. Even so, if you are a vegetarian, we're going to have to work on your diet. Oatmeal, raisins , milk, and yogurt are not a well rounded diet. For those of you who aren't Pickle, check out the baked beans recipe HERE. It's a delish and healthy recipe by my fave cooking show host, Ellie Krieger.

3. I was really worried about how you were going to do last night trick-or-treating with your peanut and tree nut allergies and our neighbors giving out the good candy-- Snickers, Reese's cups, and other nutty yummies. Lately, Daddy and I have been talking with you about food that would hurt your belly and require you to get another shot (I know you didn't like that EpiPen shot; it was not pleasant for any of us, but especially you. The needle was insanely long!). I told you last night that you would have to ask permission to eat anything. I got a little nervous when your little friends were nibbling on their treats every few houses, but Pickle, you did exactly what you were supposed to. I am so proud of you.

4. After a long day, or even after a horrible day, cuddling with you, Pickle, just sets my mind right. I love holding and hugging you just before bed while listening to you breathe as you fall asleep-- there is no better peace in my day.

5. Giving birth to you taught me how strong I really was, which in turn gave me a new love, running. I would have never realized I was strong enough to run had I not made it through 12 hours of labor without drugs.

6. Watching you play with Daddy reaffirms all the reasons I love him. And no one makes you laugh like Daddy.

7. I was always annoyed when people said this before I became a mother, but here goes. Becoming a mother changed everything for me. A lot of things that used to upset me just aren't as important anymore. Instead of hanging on to anger like I used to, I vent and complain for a little to my girlfriends and I'm okay. That's thanks to you.

8. I feel like being your mom has taught me to be a little more patient (although I'm sure Daddy might disagree-- hehe) and has taught me to laugh a little bit more.

9. Being your mom makes me want to always be a better person. I want to do good deeds; I want to be fit; I want to eat better. All of this is to teach you how to become a good man.

10. Being your mom has made me realize the unfathomable and unlimited amount of love that exists for one's child (I get it now Mom and Dad).

I could go on forever with this kind of list making, but I'll stop since you're only three (well, almost. You'll be three in 5 days) and can't read yet. So Pickle, thank you for letting me be your mommy. It's the best job I've ever had, and it is a job I am happy to do for eternity.


  1. Aw! So sweet! :o) What a little blessing!

  2. just read your profile -- the Presidents Fitness test was also the BANE of my existence. I was always "sick" on the fitness test days when ever possible... Congrats on finding Running!

  3. This is so beautiful. Save it for Pickle to read when he's older. Love your family; they make me smile.


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