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Monday, November 8, 2010

Yes, my shirt works...

I'm back on track. I had a great run this evening. I got home a tad late so my run didn't start until a little after 5. By the time I got home, it was pitch black. I hadn't taken into account the time change and how it would affect my after work running. (Opps! Thank goodness for my see me from space orange reflective shirt!)

Anyhoo, I started out really slow. Why is that first mile SO hard? I took a little 20 second breather at the end of the 1st mile (which is at the top of a hill), but then didn't need to stop for the rest of my run. In fact, I could have finished all 5 miles without a single stop. That didn't exactly happen though (but I'm super happy I didn't have to stop on account of my body pleading for rest). I guess I was so excited to run I didn't think logically about my route and the impending darkness of tripping/falling doom. I decided to run the route with sidewalks that were pretending to be on the San Andres fault. I mean seriously, this is Maryland. It doesn't get any further away from earthquakes. What's up with the side walks here? The last mile I had to walk or full out stop a lot due to my inability to see. In most cases, it was because a vehicle decided to flash their high beams at me. I guess they wanted to test out my super reflective shirt. I can assure you, and the multiple drivers that blinded me (I actually stopped and had to laugh because I was so blinded. I might have well have been running with my eyes closed) that my shirt's reflective strips works-- well.

Once I got to a wider road and was able to run on pavement, I was grooving. I have no way of knowing how fast though because my Nike+ Sports band decided to erase my run before it was loaded. I'm going to be so happy when Christmas comes around. Oh, did I tell you? My hubby and mom have decided to split the cost of a Garmin 310XT. I will be so happy to throw this sports band on the ground and jump up and down on it (okay, it hasn't been that bad, but it isn't doing the job I wish it would and I can't wait for a watch that says "Yeah, I'm a runner" to everyone who sees it).

So was my time all that great tonight, no. But it would have been if I didn't have to contend with the pitch dark. And I'm elated about how I felt. I really felt my legs come back on this run. No more fighting all the way through. No more disappointment in myself that all the hard work I'd done to finish my last half was lost. That high was back and I really needed it (tonight my husband is actually happy to spend time with me. I haven't been the sweetest wife since I've been having running issues. Let's just say that I was one step away from Linda Blair Exorcist crazy).

So here's to the runner's high. May we all get a little tipsy to a great run. Cheers


  1. Wahoo! I raise my glass to the runner's high and to your fantabulous night time run!

  2. I've always wanted the 310xt but it was way off my budget so I just got a 305 =(

  3. Yay for the runner's high!! :) Great job on getting out there in the dark!! Keep it up :)

  4. You need to remember a headlamp too! Drivers are often distracted. It's not that they can't see you, it's that they are NOT even looking. It's scary out there. Be careful!

    I need a good runners high. Hard to find on the treadmill. (time change is messing with my evening runs too!)

  5. after reading chi running about how you should start slow and get faster I always feel better about that first mile now and just let it come as it will

    yeahh for runners high!!!


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