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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dante's Infernal Guide to Running

I'm a total dork and absolutely love Dante's Inferno. And I love teaching it even more-- call it torturing children if you may, but my kids always end up loving the Inferno. This year, I assigned them to create their own guide through whatever "hell" they choose and to use Gustave Dore's illustrations. I made a model for them called "Mrs. Jones's Infernal Guide to Distance Running". I'm including it for you viewing pleasure... (one of my favorites from my students- the Infernal Guide to Surviving Your English Teacher-- too funny!)

So here's the Infernal Guide to Distance Running. Enjoy!

Waking up early in the morning to get a run in before work can sometimes be Hell.

Running hills with a jogging stroller and a 35 pound toddler can seem particularly difficult, but all hills that go up, must eventually go down.

Running in inclement weather can sometimes be a struggle. Support from a running group can help you finish.

Never run from stray dogs. Unless you want a little adrenaline rush. A dog nipping at your heels is a sure way to PR.

Watch out for the wildlife when running on nature trails. It is not uncommon for deer, fox, or other such animals to jump out, or even worse, for a skunk to make its presence known. And for those running in grass, snakes may be underfoot.

Running in the sweltering heat of summer can be particularly dangerous and can seem to make your blood boil. Be sure to stay hydrated. (Just in case you don't get the joke (if it really is one, this is the river of boiling blood- my students LOVE this Canto in Inferno.)

For races with thousands of runners, it can sometimes take an eternity to cross the start. Be patient.

Watch out for those who might crash at the finish line of a long distance race. You don’t want to trip over them. No need to hurt your ankle.

Near the end of your race, it may seem as if your legs might fall off. No matter what happens, get to the finish line; crawl if you have to. You trained too hard to not finish for any reason.


  1. omgsh this is wonderful! might have to share this on my blog =)


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