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Monday, February 7, 2011

Seriously Bummed... Hug a Teacher, Please...

I spent an amazing weekend with my girlfriends in Philly laughing in our pajamas, eating, and watching Sex in the City II (a truly disappointing movie-- bad fashion and horrific writing). I was excited to come home to my guys, but was EXHAUSTED and just couldn't get my long run in. My plan was to do it today... until the day from hell hit.

On my way to work, I hit a deer (or a deer hit me). My car was undamaged; apparently I have an angel on my shoulder. But I can't say the deer made out so well. I'm sure the deer's legs were damaged, but making her situation even worse, while she was trying to run away from the road after we collided, she jumped off a bridge. I hope her passing was as quick and painless as possible. I was pretty shaken up and had to pull over to collect myself. I absolutely love deer and was so upset to hurt one. Once I got myself together, I was back on my way to work, but I was already a few minutes late.

After work today at our staff meeting, I got some bad news. Actually the whole school staff got some bad news. There are some serious financial issues in our county and it looks like our teaching contracts are not going to be honored (for the third year in a row). Except this time their talking about some damaging actions for our family. They have a few options on the table-- a 5% cut in pay, a 3% furlough, a 20% increase in our insurance contribution, and a certain reality, a 2% contribution increase to our pension (even though we're already rated as the 49th WORST state teacher's pension in the United States). If all of these options happen together, we're talking a 10% decrease in my salary which would be devastating to our family. I don't know how we'd make it, honestly.

And adding insult to injury was the comments from the county members and the media about our "cushy" jobs and pensions and the fact the fire and police union are lobbying against us. I always felt we were on the same team.

Anyway, I got home and started to get ready to run, but I just broke down and cried. I'm scared about my family's future, and I just feel completely unappreciated.

I didn't go to the gym to get my run in. Instead, I stayed here with my guys and they started to make me feel a little better. And then I opened an email from a parent. I won't give all the details, but she wrote to thank me for helping her daughter. It's rare that teachers get these letters of appreciation, and honestly, we could really use them right now. So if your kid has a favorite teacher or a teacher who has really helped your kid (or you), please let it be known. Most teachers I know do their job out of love, but it doesn't hurt to know others see and recognize our hard work.

Seriously, go hug a teacher!

(and tomorrow I'll get that run in!)


  1. :( That really sucks, Liz!! {{{Big Hugs}}}

  2. I so know where you're coming from, girl. It's pretty scary here, too. As little as we teachers get paid, I really need that money! Our district has us on edge right now as well while they try to figure out what in the world they can do to make sure all their teachers are taken care of. Hang in there!

  3. oh bless your heart! as a teacher i know that we live every day with a "thank-less" job...but to have the policy makers and decision people put those cuts in place is just heartbreaking. my prayers are with you and your family as you deal with this situation.

  4. Sorry to hear about your day. Sometimes it seems when it rains it pours, BUT and there's always one...God may not come when you want him but he's always on time and by having that letter arrive today, He knew just what you needed. My mom is a retired teacher, so I empathize with you on money and job stability. Teachers aren't paid or respected their worth in weight.

    P.S. The bra is fabulous!! Maybe one day we could meet and/or workout together. I'm in MD too.

  5. Liz, what devastating news. I am deeply sorry that the greatest, most important occupation is affected so drastically. Ugh, I'm so sorry.
    And, the deer incident is horrible too--what a rough day.

    I'm glad you commented on my blog--I always enjoy "meeting" new readers and appreciate you taking the time to do that.

    Hoping today is a better day for you.

  6. I am sorry for your job situation, this is a crazy world. Sorry also for the collision with the deer (for you, the car and the deer).
    I remember I changed my job (I was in the Coast Guard) 12 years ago because I was sure I could retire at the end of the new contract (5 years) but the Government changed the law, I am working again and I have to work other 6 years. The Coast Guard was a good job now, as a manager, I risk to be fired everyday. Crazy crazy world.
    Best wishes.

  7. this makes me angry! They just screwed the Baltimore City Police over big time as well as in now my buddy who is a cop OWES the city money. Teaching is the hardest job there is. I don't care what any one else says. I'm praying for you...wanna join me and Erin for a venting run this weekend?


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