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Friday, November 26, 2010

Sears Runner's Wish List Catalog

This is inspired by Baby Weight My Ass' post about the Sears Wish List Catalog. And I now firmly believe there should be a catalog for runners full of pages of toys, gadgets, and gear that will make me dream of sugar plums. And just like when I was little, I surely would peruse each page, careful not to miss any possible treasure.

And I would dog ear all the pages that contained the goods I felt I truly deserved for being a good girl all year.

And I would leave the catalog right where my hubby could find it (on his side of the bed? Or maybe on top of his laptop? Oh, I know! Inside his favorite magazine (a silly little allusion to my favorite holiday movie...)! Or I guess I could just post it on my blog which I know he reads...) so he'd know exactly what to get me.

And because my husband loves me so much, he'd understand my secret wish list code- stars next to the items I wanted and hearts surrounding those items I had always dreamed of having.

And so here's my Running Catalog Wish List.

Star- A new running skirt from RunningSkirts. Something girly and fun... maybe the cheetah print? But I'll trust your judgement, honey.

Star- A pony tail hat for running from Bondi Bands. My ears are super cold lately.

Star-I guess I could use some more Cliff Bloks in my stocking. I really like Black Cherry (with a shot of caffine. I need that extra boost).

Heart- Garmin 310XT. I. MUST. HAVE. THIS.

Heart- I really need a new pair of running tights. I love that these are slightly boot cut and look somewhat fashionable (at least compared with my skin tight tapered running tights-- not the most flattering fit for a curvy girl...) I like these No Chill pants from Moving Comfort. And along with the next item, I'd look so super cute!

Heart- This adorable half zip from Athleta. Gush!

Heart- The most amazing shoes ever. The Asics Gel Noosa Tri 6. I have no idea if this shoe would work for me, but I want it. Bad.
So happy Black Friday all. May all your running wish list dreams come true.

And I should be honest... my husband is sending me out to buy my X-mas present today-- a Garmin 310XT! See why I heart him so much!


  1. Garmin 310XT - you must move this to the top of your list. I LOVE mine!!

  2. Yay for getting a Garmin!!! How exciting :) And those shoes...whoah!! :)

  3. i am in love with those shoes. our asics rep was in the other day and i think he had to pry them out of my hands. Oh and PS the Garmin is currently 25% off on Roadrunnersports.com!

  4. hey, i'm new!

    i have never seen anything as breathtaking as those shoes!!! i'm with you, don't care if they work or not, they are a must!!!


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