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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lace It Up and Run's Birthday Party Virtual Race Recap

Okay, so this has been a really rough two weeks for running. It's not that I don't have the desire to run, I do. It's just once I get out there, I don't have any energy to finish or to even keep running. It seems after all the hard work I did to get a PR for my half marathon 3 weeks ago, I can't seem to push myself. My body and legs just kind of fizzle out and I'm having a hard time finding my rhythm. And I seem to come up with a lot of excuses for why I can't run. I guess they're valid excuses (planning Pickle's 3rd birthday party, a sick Pickle, having to finish college recommendation letters for a number of students-- and College Park has a no late policy on rec letters, so it's always a mad finish), but before the half I just didn't let life get in the way. I forced life to work around my running schedule.

Last week, I skipped my long run and said I would do it on Monday, thinking I'd be finished with my grades early. My grades took forever and I wasn't finished before 3 p.m. and I hadn't had any lunch by that point. So I put off my run to the next day. On Tuesday I ran 4 miles; I should have run at least 6 to try to catch up, but I didn't have time before it got to dark. So on Thursday, I had 3.1 miles or more scheduled for Christina's birthday. I wanted to do them before my personal training session, but I only had time for 2.3 miles; I ran those at an 11 miles pace. So I had to finish up on Friday, and was a lot slower. All added together, I spent about 36 minutes running my 3.1, pretty slow, but I got it all in.

So last week and Christina's birthday run didn't go as planned, but hey, I'll get back in the groove. I'm a little bummed that I've lost the speed and distance I had under my belt before the race, but as my trainer, Becky, has told me a few times after I have a bad running week, if we didn't have bad weeks or bad runs every once in a while, we wouldn't work as hard to get better. And besides, a bad run (or a few over a couple of weeks) makes a great run all that much better.

I hope you had a very happy birthday, Christina.
Here's to many years of great runs ahead of you (and us all)! I'm eating the most delicious cupcake in your honor-- White Chocolate Cranberry. Yum! I meant to only eat half since I didn't get my full run in, but I couldn't stop myself.


  1. Eh, we all have those kind of weeks. Just keep plugging away and you will get back there :) And White Chocolate Cranberry??? Yes, please!! Yummy!

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  3. Thanks for running. I posted it on my blog today.


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