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Monday, March 28, 2011

Something to Think About...

So I'm still working on my race recap. Actually it's pretty much finished, but it turns out I'm extremely long winded. I need to go back and edit down. No one needs to know exactly what I ate, how long I took to eat, when I had to pee, etc. :)

Instead of finishing tonight (I am exhausted!), I came across this TED Talk (I love TEDTalks and use them all the time with my lessons) by Christopher McDougall (you know, the guy who wrote the hugely popular Born to Run). Give it a look see. It's long, but it's really interesting. Not only is it interesting, it also reminds me why:
1. Women are AWESOME at long distance running, particularly mothers.
2. Humans are meant to be compassionate and collaborative.
3. Running is FUN!
4. The running community is so supportive and nurturing of one another (while being competitive at the same time)


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