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Sunday, October 31, 2010


So I've had an insanely busy week and didn't have time to post, but I have been reading a few here and there. Here's a run-down of the craziness (most of which has been awesome!).

1. Last Friday- in Annapolis w/ hubby to eat a full 7 course meal prepared by our chef friend Danny. Holy moly... I've never been so amazingly over the top in heaven over food. Nor have I been so stuffed before but somehow managed to continue eating because I was afraid of what I was missing or afraid of never eating anything that good again. Check out his restaurant, West End Grill if you live in the Maryland area or are coming in for a visit.

2. Last Saturday- still in Annapolis. I forgot all my running gear except clothes and shoes. I had 6 miles planned and since I had no idea how far I was going without a way to track it, I just ran for however long I wanted. I was out for about an hour; it was amazing. I ran through St. John's College campus which was founded in 1697 and all through historic Annapolis. I can't believe I was running on sidewalks that were over 300 years old! I ran around the Gov. mansion and attempted to run through the Naval Academy but was chased down by a security guard... Opps! I forgot my ID. :)

3. Last Sunday- dinner with the in-laws and Pickle. Delish.

4. Tuesday- check up with Doc. He said I was in great health and was pleased with my blood pressure and overall fitness level. After I brought up my concerns with my nutrition, my family history of diabetes and obesity, and my outside body not matching my activity level, he referred me to a nutritionist who specializes in nutrition for endurance athletes! Score! I have an appointment for 2 weeks from now.

5. Thursday- Pickle got sick on his daycare providers doorstep. Gross. Thankfully the hubby was in charge of drop-off. I was supposed to go to my personal training session to work on my core, but didn't due to the little man being sick and the big man being exhausted from cleaning up throw-up all day.

6. Friday- took off of work to stay with Pickle in case he was sick. He wasn't. By 9 a.m. he was jumping all over the couch and yelling/singing "10 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed". He was also screaming out the front door about being a Superhero. Glad Pickle is better. :) So I went to the gym to make-up for my missed training session. My awesome trainer emailed me the whole routine so I could do it. I did her workout and the killer leg/butt workout from several weeks ago. Bad idea. I should have stuck to one or the other. My butt still hurts.

7. Saturday/yesterday- We went to the Rally to Restore Sanity. Wow! I have lived in the DC/Baltimore Metro area my entire life and have been to a number of large events/protests/rallies. I have NEVER seen anything like this. I had to wait in a line for about 45 minutes just to get to the Metro (subway) platform. Again, I have never seen this before. People were jammed shoulder to shoulder from 3rd to 7th street on the National Mall and as we were leaving at 1:30, people were still coming in droves. Despite all the people, the crowds, the lines, somehow people were still polite, considerate, and generally friendly. If anyone bumped into me, most turned around to apologize. People made friends/small talk in the 45 minute line to get on the metro. And it took about 45 minutes to travel the usual 15 minutes into the city.
People made jokes and kept a sunny disposition (especially about the couple making out in front of everyone... We were so packed in like sardines that I couldn't look anywhere but in their direction. My mother-in-law and I giggled about it the entire ride into the city). And even though I couldn't see or hear any of the rally, I had a great time.

8. Today Pickle and I are going out trick-or-treating (it's a football day for hubby. We have an understanding during football season...). I had to include a few pics of him in his costume. He's a fireman... Oh sorry. Fire Chief (his words). Pretty cute, huh?

This should be interesting given his food allergies to peanuts and tree nuts, but I don't want to punish him for his allergies by taking away trick-or-treating. I'm going to use the opportunity to teach him about his allergies and that he needs to ask a grown-up to make sure he can eat the food (until he can read labels himself). We're also going to visit Mrs. Christine at Icedgems for a cupcake. Little ones get a free cupcake if they come in costume. Score!

Happy Halloween everyone!

(and if any of you have ideas about how to teach a 3 year-old about food allergies, please pass them along... run4cupcakes at gmail dot com. Thanks!)


  1. Sounds like a busy but fun week! :o) Your little Fire Chief is adorable!! Have fun trick or treating! Oh, and I would be very interested in hearing what that Nutritionist says...good luck!!

  2. I hope y'all had fun trick or treating today!
    The little fire man is adorable. :)
    I don't have any suggestions on how to teach a 3 year old about food allergies. But I believe in providing factual information to kids (no matter how old they are) and start teaching them to be objective at an young age. You'll never know what they'll absorb in their little sponge-like brain.


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