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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tunes Tuesday

Yesterday I ended with my mantra being from a Kanye West song, "Stronger". So I thought today I'd go through the songs that get me the most pumped up to run (especially when I don't feel like it).

1. Walking On the Moon- The Police (perfect warm-up because it's exactly 5 minutes)
2. Pump It- Black Eyed Peas
3. Electric Worry- Clutch (My son is obsessed with this song. If it plays while he's in the jogging stroller, he yells for me to go faster.)
4. Fast As You Can- Fionna Apple
5. Stronger- Kanye West
6. Work It Out- Beyonce
7. This Fire- Franz Ferdinand
8. Bad Romance- Lady Gaga
9. Used Up Has Been- Brickfoot (This is my friends' band. It is such a great song for about halfway through a run. It always makes me push harder.)
10. Disturbia- Rhianna (4:21)
11. I Got a Feeling- Black Eyed Peas
12. Blood Sugar Sex Magik- Red Hot Chili Peppers
13. The Distance- Cake
14. Psycho Killer- Talking Heads
15. Rocky Theme- Rocky Soundtrack (I know... it's kind of lame, but it makes me laugh at the end of a run while I push myself to the finish)

This gives you about 1 hour and 3 minutes of running time.

I'm in need of some new songs to keep my moving on my playlist.

What is (are) your top song(s)?


  1. I like aerosmith. And almost all of Black Eyed Peas. Nice to "meet" you and thanks for stopping by my blog. Stick around...I've got another giveaway coming up!

  2. Magic- B.O.B
    Follow me Down- 3OH!3
    Gettin Over You- David Guetta & Fergie
    I Like It- Enrique Iglasias ft. Pitbull
    Cinderella Man - Eminem (he has a potty mouth, but i love the beat)
    Feel it- Three 6 Mafia
    Jump- Flo Rida ft. Nelly Furtado
    Wild at Heart- GLoriana
    Sex on Fire- Kings of Leon
    Puedo Reir- Rakim & Ken Y
    Grito Mudial- Daddy Yankee
    Evacuate the Dance Floor- Cascada
    Day n' Night (Crookers Remix)- Kid Cudi
    Don't Stop Believin'- Glee Cast
    America's Suitehearts- Fall Out Boy
    What I've Done- Linkin Park
    Decode- Paramore
    Supermassive Black Hole- Muse
    So What- P!nk
    When I Grow Up- Pussycat Dolls
    Whine Up- Kat DeLuna ft. Elephant Man

    A lot of those are just amazing because the beat just hypes me up and gets me moving (check for clean versions if Dylan will hear it) I hope this helps add to you're playlist!! :)

  3. thanks ladies! and ashley, i love eminem and his potty mouth songs. i have a few on a previous running playlist and since i sometimes sing while running i'd always have to bleep myself. :)


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