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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Keeping it Short Sunday

I accidentally went close to 8 miles this morning on my run. I'm not sure what happened exactly. When I mapped it out, it was a little under 7 which would have been perfect. I guess I took a wrong turn somewhere... (anyone who knows me knows of my horrible sense of direction, especially when I actually have the directions to get to a place). I was fizzling out a little before 6 miles, and knew I was in trouble since I was nowhere near home.

I changed up my running strategy today. The last half marathon I ran I used a modified Jeff Galloway training program. I'd run for 7 minutes and walk for 2. Today I decided to try running for a full mile and then take a two minute walk break. It seemed to do the job just fine (with the exception of about mile 6. I think I'll adjust eventually). And even though I was beat after the extra mile, I still had some gas in the tank (or I just wanted to get home) because I ran the last half mile at a 9:30 pace, which is pretty fast for me, especially after running 7 miles already.

I arrived home to a brunch of an omlette and a BLT sandwich with a side of peaches prepared by my lovely and supportive hubby. Yumm!

Shortly after that, I passed out for a long nap on the couch with the little Dill Pickle. That's a nice way to spend my last day before all the kids come back to school.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend. :)

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