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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Keeping My Crazy in Check

So I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I'm feeling a little pre-race anxiety. The only problem, I'm still 17 days away from race day. What can I say? I'm a planner and like to start everything, including my worrying, early. So tonight (and probably for the next 17 days), I need to chill myself out.

Things I think I might do until the race to keep my crazy in check:

1. Run. Duh. I am not running tonight because my legs feel like jello, which is probably why I'm a little jittery tonight. I need to run. Not just to train, but to relax.

2. Drink an Oktoberfest Beer or Pumpkin Ale. Yum...

3. Eat a cupcake from Icedgems.

4. Bake Oatmeal Raisin Cookies for my students (almost all 28 kids got a C or better on their last Catcher in the Rye quiz. I'm super proud of them). I'm sure I'll sample a few just to make sure they're okay for the kids to eat.

Gee... I'm seeing why I need to run such long distances to make a dent in my weight loss...

5. Make a new playlist for my half marathon.

6. Take a yoga class (and realize just how inflexible I actually am!)

7. Dress up all cute when I go out to lunch at Fogo de Chao with my hubby on Friday. (Yum... meat on a stick! Again, see why I need to run so much. All I can think about is food!)

8. Hang out with Pickle. He's just the coolest little man ever and no one makes me happier.

9. I might need a few more ideas. Maybe you could help me out? I'm playing it cool... I'm getting a little messy and I know it's going to get worse next week.


  1. Spend some time visualizing yourself have a fantastic race!

  2. 10. Smile!!! because you are super awesome, and fabulously gorgeous and an inspiration to everyone you meet.

    how's that one?

  3. I highly recommend the new Carlos Santana CD :) Everything is awesome on it!!!

    Saturday--if you want to run (supposed to be beautiful--i shall send you an email) I will bring my running skirts I don't plan on wearing for upcoming races and let you pick one out :)

    And YUM to fogo de Chao. you might still be in a meat coma on Saturday!

  4. Rent your favorite movie and chill with popcorn!

  5. thank you so much ladies! i think i'll do all of those!

    and ashley, you truly are a jewel (and always have been). i saw the girls a few months ago and would love to see you when you move back to the area. what a beautiful women you've become. many hugs to you!


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