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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Keepin' It Short

1. I met up with Erin G. from The Making of a Runner at the NCR Trail for our 12 mile long run today. We kept it really slow and easy-- both of us are having a few aches and pains-- but we finished all 12. Neither one of us wants to get injured three weeks before the race. It was a lot of fun; neither one of us stopped talking the entire 12 miles, with the exception of a sprinting interval. We both knew if we talked then, we would have collapsed.

2. I earned my cupcake today. It was a Caramel Apple cupcake with bits of apple in the cake and caramel drizzled all over the icing. Seriously, Christine at Icedgems in my baking soul mate. Pickle was ecstatic to get another cupcake and ate every last crumb (with the exception of the crumbs he dropped on the floor. But I think he would have eaten them if I didn't clean them up before he got to them).

3. Pickle and I are going to meet up with some friends later this evening while the hubby is rockin' Annapolis with his band. Truthfully, I don't know how I'm going to make it. I am so tired, I don't even have the energy to put on make-up, let along be social, but I'm going to do it. What's the worst that could happen? I get tired and go home? Piece of cake (mmm... cupcakes).

Off to nap (which is a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon). I hope every one has a perfect day!

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  1. I'm glad you got to get out there with some of my TNTers! Stop by more often!


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