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Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's a BEAUTIFUL DAY! (cue U2)

Today is going to be a good day!

It's gorgeous outside right now, a perfect 61 degrees. I think I will take Dill Pickle out in the jogging stroller today since I only have 5 miles to run. My jogging stroller is conveniently located right next to the front door, and for the past few weeks, he's been blocking the door before I leave for every run saying, "Take me. Can I go? Can I go for a spin?" It's been so ungodly hot lately that I just didn't have the energy to run and push an extra 50 lbs around town. But today, I don't think I have the heart to say no to him. He loves going out for a run with me, and I kind of miss him pushing me to go faster while he screams, "Weeeee"!

After that, I think I'll make some stuffed mushrooms. I've never made them before, so I'm not sure how it'll go, but my hubby loves anything with mushrooms and we're going over to a friend's house later today and I need to bring an appetizer.

So that brings me to the next reason today is going to be great. We get to hang out with great friends (including Dill Pickle getting to hang with one of his favorite little dudes, Lucas) and learn how to make Israeli flat bread pizza. I'm super stoked about learning my friend's flat bread recipe. :) Here's a picture of what he usually makes... I'm drooling just thinking about eating it later today! (What a perfect treat after running!)

So the weather's good, no work tomorrow, and hanging out with friends today... yeah, today is definitely a beautiful day in every way!


  1. Yay for cooler weather! That pizza looks delish...is that corn I see on it?

  2. I love pushing the jogger for those little comments from my little guy too! Although it does make it harder having him with me helps encourage me too.'

    So crazy. We had stuffed Portabella "burgers" for lunch yesterday. yummy!

  3. pizza is often a go to treat post long runs for me too :)


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