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Thursday, September 9, 2010

All Points Bulletin

MISSING: Grey Reflective SpiBelt. Last seen 1 week ago on lying sweaty on the dining table after owner threw her there after a long run.
Owner has released this letter:

My beloved partner,

I don't know where you are or why you are gone-- have you have just run away from me? Are you are just lost? Are you are broken?-- but regardless, I miss you terribly and want you back. Runs just aren't the same without you. I must have you to survive training for a half marathon. Today I ran without you... it was so upsetting. I didn't have a place to carry my key and had no other option than to shove it down my bra. Now my boobs have key imprints and scratches all over. I also didn't have the comfort of having my Clif Shot Bloks right at hand and now realize I so needed that while running against the wind and all uphill for an entire run (how is that even possible for a run to be entirely uphill??).

For so long, you have kept many of my belongings safe and I have taken you for granted. I have thrown you on the floor, packed you until you seem you will explode, allowed 3 foot tall monsters to treat you like a toy, but now I see. Now I see how perfect you truly are. I only hope it isn't too late for us. Please come back to me. I have neglected you and not treated you with the respect you deserve. I promise I will no longer let anyone, including the 3 foot tall monster, hurt you.

And in case the 3 foot monster who might have taken you can read this (which is a stretch given he doesn't really know his ABC's yet), I'm watching you. If you know what's good for you, you will return her before this Sunday when I have to run 9 miles and desperately need her.


  1. Mine went missing like that for almost a week. With my driver's license and debit card still safely inside. And I totally (mentally) blamed my 4 year old. Turns out, I should have blamed Hubs- his huge messenger bag tried to eat my SPI belt (the velcro is serious business on that bag).

  2. haha! I'm thinking I probably did something odd with it. So I guess I should blame myself... but who wants to do that? lol.

  3. Ha! I hope you found it.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.


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