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Friday, December 17, 2010

You're It.

Well, this is the first time I've been tagged in a meme (I had to look that word up. I thought everyone was mistyping memo... haha), so thanks Liz. Obviously she's great... I mean, just look at the name! I needed this because I really haven't had the motivation to write this week. Preparing for the holidays has been wiping me out! And by the way, thanks for all the lovely comments about our family photos. I'm so happy to show off my guys. :) Before I answer the questions Liz sent me, I have a few questions for all you readers and a few people to tag.

Erin at Making of a Runner ,Teresa at Jog Blogger, and Dawn at Running: The Dawn
And I would really love for all readers to feel free to pick a question or two and answer in the comment section. It's going to be a long week for us teachers-- if you have children, you know how off the hook nuts they get before break and Christmas-- and I could use a little pick me up.
And here are your questions (I guess I'm supposed to write 7, but I like the number 5 better):

1. What is your most embarrassing moment (or your funniest story)?
2. What is your all time favorite running song (or workout song)?
3. If you could chose your last meal, what would it be (my husband and I had a LONG conversation this weekend about this. I know it's kind of morbid, but you learn a lot about a person based on this answer)?
4. What is your greatest guilty pleasure?
5. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

And now for the questions Liz asked:
1. If you could go back and talk to your 16 year old self, what advice would you give?
I would tell myself to not take everything so seriously. I was constantly worrying about how I looked physically and what people thought of me. And really, who cares now? I did laugh a lot as a teenager, though. And I would tell myself to laugh and enjoy life even more.

2. When you see yourself having reached your goal, what do you see?
Hmmm... I'm not sure here. I guess my next goal is my 3rd half marathon, the National Half Marathon, on my 33rd birthday. I know I'm going to reach this goal (barring any injuries) and will cross the finish line at my goal time of 2:30. And I know my husband will be there cheering for me as he always is (and this always give me the extra energy I need to cross the finish line. There's nothing like hearing him scream my name and smile at me as I pass by him). I ran 5 miles of this same race last year for the Relay, and I couldn't help but get teared-up as I ran past all the monuments and famous buildings. Our capital is so beautiful; I guess I see myself tearing up again. What can I say? I'm a history dork and a sap.

3. What is your favorite book?
I'm an English teacher, so this is a tough one. My students make fun of me because each time I introduce a book, I tell them it's my favorite. Really, I have a lot of favorites for different reasons, and they're like children to me-- I can't choose between them. These are just a few of my faves.
Frankenstein- Mary Shelley is brilliant. Every time I read it, I'm amazed that she was only 17 when she wrote it.
Siddhartha- When I was in college, I read this book several times in a row. And I read the first page over and over. Ah... simply beautiful.
The Art of Happiness- I want to be more like the Dalai Lama. I need to learn to accept my life as it is-- a blessing-- and to not wish for something greater because my life is perfect just the way it is.
Dante's Inferno- I absolutely love teaching Inferno. And I'll be honest. Reading these horrific punishments reminds me to be a tad bit nicer.
Glamour magazine: Okay, I realize this isn't a book, but I have to read it every month. Flipping through the pages reminds me to dress up so I can feel like a woman. As a mom of a toddler and a runner, I spend a lot of my weekend in running clothes or stretchy pants, and really need a little motivation to look hot sometimes.

4. What is your best organizing tip?
Haha. That's a funny one. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not organized. If you take organization tips from me, you just might end up lost in a pile of papers or clothes never to be seen by the light of day again. I have spurts of being organized but then I end up falling apart. One thing that's working out well for me and my family lately is a family workout schedule. We share a calendar on Gmail; I mark how many miles I need to run each day, and my hubby marks what days he wants to go to the gym. We also mark what we're going to eat for dinner. It has made our lives a little easier (when we remember to do it...).

5. What is your favorite thing about where you live?
I love being close to three amazing cities-- Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. There's always something to do. I'm surrounded by our nation's history in Annapolis and DC. And Baltimore is a lovely little city. Between the three cities, there's always something to do, and if it's in DC, it's free. I certainly don't take advantage of this as much as I should, but I really love my cities.

6. What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?
Skiing. I chaperoned a high school ski trip once. Long story short, it was a disaster. I ended up spending the evening with ski patrol (albeit a very hot ski patrol medic-- sorry, honey. This was before I even met you) and had a concussion. It was even more a disaster that I was supposed to be chaperoning 45 kids and no one really knew where I was. I can only imagine what they were up to while I was MIA. I got a nice little get well note from the medic. And since I've always been terrified of broken bones, losing a tooth, or really just getting hurt at all, I've never tried skiing again.
7. What would your theme song be?
I really have spent too much time trying to figure this one out. I really have no idea. I'm just going to go with Carole King's "Natural Woman". I'm really diggin' my hubby lately. He's pretty freaking awesome.


  1. 1. Walking back into class from restoon I was in (9th Grade) and had a skirt on and it was caught in my panty hose so my whole but was showing when I walked back to my desk. (my desk was in the front row so I had to walk all the way to front of class. I was mortified and so embarassed I left the room crying. Funny now but at the time not, and I hate wearing skirts to this day.
    2. have to many favorite songs.
    3. Filet mingon, Creme bulet and fresh asparagus and fresh fruit.
    4. Good desert that melts in your mouth and is so fresh and good.
    5. My children and grandchildren born and seeing my daughter on her wedding day so happy and beautiful. THese are the questions (EJ) asked so I answered them.

    lol Mom

  2. Ok I forgot to add one to question number 5; When our son Andrew returned safe from Iraq and home in the USA. Mom

  3. Beautiful post with many interesting information about yourself.
    1) Most embarrassing moment: when I have to ask help;
    2) Song: More than this (Roxy Music);
    3) Last meal: pizza and pepsi;
    4) Guilty pleasure: to insult some persons I know;
    5) The most beautiful "thing": my grandson.

    Happy Christmas to you and family from Italy.

  4. Now I'm curious about Siddhartha! And try skiing again - one bad experience doesn't mean you're done for life. Plus it is (in my opinion) the funnest thing EVER!

    And just fyi, Pumpkin Whoopie Pies!

    You can do peanut butter or vanilla or cream cheese frosting.

  5. Favorite book: Pride & Prejudice

    Theme song/Running song: P!nk - "So What" (it motivates me and makes me think i'm a Rockstar either way) :)

    lol okay so my most embarassing story was actually from when I was down in Alabama last year... it is probably wayyyy too much info, but I get a kick out of this story. I went out on a first date with a guy (I had A LOT of sweet tea at lunch) and it was freezing outside.. so when we got into his brand new car with leather seats and seat warmers... well it made me have to go to the bathroom all of a sudden... so basically the convo went like this Me: "i have to use the restroom" HIM: "we're about 5 miles from our exit" ME: "pull over or i'm going to pee in your car!"... he pulled over under an overpass & you guess it, i went pee behind a huge concrete column like a homeless person (and laughing hysterically the whole time so i wouldnt freak myself out over what i was doing)... And yes, we did finish our date & yes, he did ask to see me again (but i figured i would cut my losses at the incident under the overpass lol)

    Merry Christmas!! Miss you tons!

  6. Aw, thanks Liz! Now I have a sure topic to write about tomorrow...!


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