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Friday, December 3, 2010

High Five Friday

Today I needed a wake up call. I got in a tizzy of a bad mood after waking up cold and tired, getting stuck in traffic, and getting told off by a teenager, all by 7:20 a.m. By the time lunch rolled around, I was in a mood, a really foul, negative, and angry mood.

Until one of my students came into the English office for his weekly High Five Friday. Every week, this kid runs all over the building giving anyone he sees-- teacher, maintenance worker, student, friend or foe-- a high five. It brings a smile to everyone's face, including mine. And as soon as I got my High Five, I was reminded of something this student told me after a really bad day for him (his dream girl rejected him and wouldn't got to the Homecoming dance with him after he wooed her all day... he had this sweet plan that took him days to create and was almost Say Anything great). After I told him I was sorry about his bad day, his response was, "No worries. Even a bad Friday is a good Friday, Mrs. J".

How true it that? Thankfully I have this kid to remind me to be thankful for my day, even a bad day (and my day really wasn't that bad in hindsight), because any day is a good day when you wake up and get to see the world, the people you love, and a job that reminds you to love life.

Happy High Five Friday, all!


  1. That kid is wise beyond his years! :) Glad the day turned around for you...sometimes all it takes is a high five!! ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing your "pick me story"! Sometimes such small gestures mean the most!

  3. What a cool story. Why can't we all be like him? High five!

  4. wow...that kid has such a great outlook. i love hit attitude and will remember it this coming friday which i'm sure will be stressful...

  5. What an inspiring post. It's pouring down rain and I needed that extra push to get out the door for my run. Because, hey, tomorrow is Friday, right?


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