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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What Should I Buy??

My local running store rewards its customers with $25 gift certificates each time $250 is spent. Over the past year, I have earned 3 (and am $30 away from a 4th $25 GC). I think it's safe to say that running is not a cheap sport (especially if you run outdoors during all seasons), despite what all the fitness magazines say.

I currently have one $25 GC I need to use, and my husband's grandmother gave me $50 for Christmas. So now I need to decide what to buy. I already have 2 pairs of running tights, several running skirts, plenty of tops for all weather, socks, compression socks, jackets, a half zip, a vest, a running hat, and two pairs of running gloves. My running shoes have about 140 miles on them.

So what should I get? Regardless of what I decide to do with the $50, I will still have a $25 GC to spend at the running store. Should I just put the GC and the $50 towards a new pair of shoes that I know I'll eventually need?

Or should I just spend the $25 GC on something little at the running store and use the $50 to buy clothes I can actually wear to places other than the gym and races. I used to buy tons of cute clothes before I started running. Now everything I buy is for running (but hey, at least I look cute when I run).

Or should I use the $50 towards a massage-- this will of course require I spend more money because a massage where I go is at least $60, but not only do I get the massage, I get to spend 90 minutes in the Tranquility Room, which has a pool, a sauna, a eucalyptus steam room, and a swiss shower.

All of this sounds good to me. As my hubby knows, I'm no good at making decisions when I have too many options. I get a little overwhelmed (which is why it takes me FOREVER to order at restaurants with many paged menus). So help me decide.

What do you vote I do with my GC and $50?


  1. what running store is this? I would have racked up thousands by now ; ) Since it seems you are pretty stocked right now for the Winter I would go for the massage. 90 mins of peace itself is worth it and I bet it will make running feel better =) When does the $25 expire? if you have a while I would hold onto it...if not I feel like you can never have too many running socks, body glide, gu, blocks...you know the works. But most importantly I think the $50 needs to be spent on you in one way or another! I know you all have mommy guilt and want to put everything toward the family which is fabulous...but the best mommy's are the one's who cut themselves a break once in a while right?

  2. There is always room for more shoes in your closet. I would buy another pair and stash it away for the next rotation if you want to be practical.

    If you want to indulge, go with the massage. You know you deserve it...

  3. If nothing at the running store makes your heart flutter, I'd go for the message....or save for shoes...geez I'm no help am I?

  4. Well, save the $50 for race registration.
    And spend the $25 at the store if it will expire soon. Buy staples such as Gu and what not. If it doesn't expire soon, I would save it for a "bigger" buy.

  5. I massage sounds like a good bet. Or a race registration.



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