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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Three Things Thursday...


1. Last Saturday, I missed my long run with my lady running buddies at the NCR trail. I decided to instead do my run on Sunday, at the trail, and at our usual time early in the morning. And here's what I realized: I do not do well running on trails alone, and not for the reason you might think. I do fine motivating myself and keeping myself occupied. In fact, I love running alone. But I have decided I am far too paranoid to run on the NCR trail alone in the morning. I had no problems when male or female runners, walkers, or bikers were near me, but for the most part, the trail was deserted, with the exception of two seemingly creepy men walking the trail at 8 a.m. wearing jean, hoodies, and scarves covering their faces (I'm sure they are very nice men and were totally innocent). While I was running, all I could think was that they were up to no good. I mean who walks on a trail MILES from their car in jeans? I know, I'm sure lots of people do. In fact, I could see my father-in-law just deciding to go for a stroll the same way, and he's the nicest man on the planet (there's a reason my hubby is such a good egg), but in the moment I got myself all freaked out. The problem is that I watch far too much Law and Order: SVU and Dexter (especially this season-- wow), and unfortunately I have an overly active imagination that seems to imagine all possible scenarios involving me being dragged off into the woods. So lesson learned: No more running alone on trails. The insane and unjustified paranoia totally takes away the calming effect of running. And I feel really guilty for thinking horrible things about strangers who I'm sure are just nature lovers bundled up to keep warm.

2. I need to plan my races better. I have the Jingle Bell All the Way 10K in DC this weekend. I was really excited for it, until I saw the weather. It's going to be raining/snowing/sleeting in the morning and about 30-35 degrees when the race starts at 7:30. There's no where to park near the start (according to the race site) and the Metro doesn't open until 7, which makes it impossible for me to take mass transit. Packet pick up tomorrow is during my work hours, and packet pick up on Saturday is in Virginia, which is hours away for me. And Saturday my running buddies are doing a trail run, and I haven't seen them for a while... So is it bad that I feel like backing out of this race (and I'd instead get the miles + some extra in on Saturday with the ladies)? Has anyone out there ever done the same?

3. My little Pickle is staying with my parents all this weekend. My wonderful dad picked him up tonight. Pickle was ecstatic and couldn't stop talking about MiMi and Papi (and Lucky the dog, of course) all day. My parents are taking him to his first movie at the theater, to learn about Bald Eagles at a nature center near their house, to a train museum, and to walk the dog at the playground. Pickle is going to come home thinking we are the most boring parents ever. I know he is having and is going to continue having a great time. I am so thankful my parents are close enough to give Pickle this experience. But I already miss him SO much. I need to keep reminding myself that him being away makes me a better Mommy and certainly makes both D and me better spouses to each other.

Well, happy trails, all.

And here's to tomorrow's HIGH FIVE FRIDAY! Give someone a little high five. I'm telling you; it feels great and instantly makes everyone happy. I think I am very much in need of my high five tomorrow. :)


  1. I hate being scared while I'm running, too. Not fun!

    I wouldn't feel bad about not racing - just the weather sounds miserable enough.

    When your little pickle is a bigger pickle, you'll be especially glad of the good relationship between the grandparents and the pickle. The more good influences, the better!

  2. this week i've had a serious case of the grumps myself...i've been throwing some little miny (and sometimes not so mini) pity parties. the good news is that its almost the weekend and i get to hit reset before facing it all again next week.

    eesh. running in the snow i'm fine with, but mix in sleet and the other nasties and i'm out. i would not blame you at all for moving your run to sat. with the girls. best plan!

  3. I was having a crappy day until I went running with the girls this morning. Do what will make you feel better. Have fun whatever you decide!

  4. Here the only problem on the trails are the shepherd dogs but I don't care because I love to run in the country and they cannot change my habits. My wife disagrees.....

  5. So....did you do Jingle Bell race? I think I would have been sorely tempted to back out. I am dragging my feet signing up for an 8k training group that starts January 5 because I just know the runs are going to be cold and miserable, but at the same time, I know I need the motivation to get out there and run (I HATE running on a treadmill). I also know that no matter how miserable the weather, I will feel like a champ for running in it, so I gotta get myself registered!

    I also know how you feel running on a deserted trail - I did a lot of that in the fall and freaked myself out a few times. Now I am training my monster dog to run with me, and I know I will feel safer with him at my side.

    BTW, I tagged you in my last post!


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