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Monday, January 3, 2011

Music Monday and Pickle Jams Out

Just a short little post here. Kim at Book Worm Runs posted today about the tunes we jam out to while we run. She wanted some good ideas to add to her play list, so if you have something, pop on over and suggest it to her.

I thought I'd share my all time favorite running song. This is Clutch's "Electric Worry". Whenever I'm starting to lose steam in a run, I put this on and I'm good to go.

I would never have known about it if I didn't let my hubby (who likes a lot of punk and rock music I'd never heard before) suggest a few tunes.

Not only has this become one of my faves, but it's also Pickle's fave song. Our jogging stroller has speakers, and he sings along to this song during our runs while yelling for me to "Vamamos". He also frequently dances to it. He's quite the dancer. Check him out (this is about 8 months ago)...

He gets his moves from me.


  1. Now I have a new song to play on my phone while I am on the treadmill; Watching him in this film, you can see how big he has gotten in just 8 months. He is quite the toddler. LOL Mom

  2. Oooh, I like it!! :) Thanks! And he is TOO CUTE!!!

  3. wow! that will be some good blackmail when he gets older!!!! cutest thing EVER!

  4. Those were some funny dance moves!!!

    I could use a fresh music playlist too :)

  5. thanks for stopping by my blog! i ran the MCM in DC back in October! i may run something up there when we visit VA again. :)

  6. I really need to get some new running music. My stuff is getting old. I've had the same music since my nov 28th marathon.


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