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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's the Simple Things

A list of the simple things I love to help me remember life is pretty nice even when I feel like it isn't.

Simple Thing #1- My husband's sweatshirts. I steal them from him after he's worn them, and I wear them to bed. I feel so cozy in them and the way they smell reminds me of him and how much I love him.

Simple Thing #2- Silly things my son says. He's always making me laugh. I have an example in mind, but I think for the sake of my son (and for my own devilish ways), I will keep it private (until I feel the need to embarrass him in front of his girlfriends in 10-15 years).

Simple Thing #3- This is kind of the same as #2, but... Pickle is potty training and when he's on the potty or in the bathroom taking care of business, he asks me to stop talking because he needs to think. Kind of cute.

Simple Thing #4- My dad has always been a great and sweet man, but since he's become a grandfather twice over, he's really softened. Lately he's even called me by my childhood nicknames several times, names I haven't heard since I was about 12. And it makes me smile.

Simple Thing #5- I love weddings. A lot. I've told my husband several times that I want to have another wedding (with him, of course) because it was so much fun. Well, my little bro is getting married in September. And I've been looking at pictures of wedding gowns and flowers and flower girls and ring bearers, and can't get enough of them.

Simple Thing #6- Cupcakes. Enough said.

Simple Thing #7- 50-70 degree weather in February (yes, 70! Friday is going to be 70*!), especially after a winter of record cold temperatures.

Simple Thing #8- Silly and accidental puns. So today in our 10th grade English teacher's meeting, a teacher told this joke (we were in a very odd and silly mood. I wonder if it's a full moon...). "A man was driving down a quiet country lane when out into the road strayed a rooster. Whack! The rooster disappeared under the car followed by a large cloud of feathers.Shaken, the man pulled over at the farmhouse, and rang the door bell. A farmer appeared.The man, somewhat nervously said, "I think I killed your rooster, please allow me to replace him"."Suit yourself," the farmer replied, "the hens are round the back."
To which I replied, "That is so foul." And I'm not witty. It was a total accident, but a really goofy pun. We dorky English teachers in the room laughed for a while, nonetheless.

Simple Things #9- Phone calls and texts from my mom wishing me a happy anything-- birthday, Valentines, Halloween, Easter...

Simple Things #10- The random spontaneous moment that sometimes happens and changes my mood when I'm having an off day.

What's your simple thing?


  1. Loved reading simple things and laughed at Dylan asking you to stop talking so he could think, so us. I so love anything that is simple things. Yes, Dad has softened with his grand kids and you see his joy when he is with them and with his children. Have a great day and remember the simple things are what makes us laugh after a though day. Love you a lot Mom

  2. 10 nice simple things.
    My simple things concern the best moments with my family: my children, my grandson and last but not least my wife....and remembering always my mom who now is in heaven.


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